A Complete Checklist Of Instagram Features That Every Marketer Should Know

A Complete Checklist Of Instagram Features That Every Marketer Should Know post thumbnail image

Undoubtedly, Instagram is one of the most dominating social media platforms and has a broad audience worldwide. With its active 1 billion monthly users, it is emerging as a popular platform for entertainment and businesses. Thanks to Instagram for giving all kinds of marketers equal chances to promote their products. Though everyone uses the same platform, not all know its hidden features. Once you come to know all those golden features, it will help you create magic in engaging your audience. In addition, buy instagram video views to boost your engagement. You can’t wait to learn the exciting features below. So we will jump into the content without further delay.

Pleasing Features For Marketers

Know About Professional Dashboards

The professional dashboard was brought into action in 2020, and it is one of the super cool features which allows producers and marketers to trace their performance and enable tools easily. At the top of your profile, you will find the dashboard option. The calendar is another unique feature where you can track the list of the past 90 days.


Instagram’s filters are the key to its success. Anyone here can become a professional photographer with its variety of unique filters. It has nearly 40 different filters to make you look charming and diverse as you wish. You will have more preferences to decide how you want to portray your brand. As a brand, you must maintain a unique style of image, fonts, and colors. So, people will find and remember your brand quickly.
A single person can’t maintain a business account all the time, and you might have preferred an alternative one to access the account. You now have the manage filters setting to avoid confusion in such cases.


Instagram Reels is skyrocketing its popularity by helping users to create interactive content. Therefore, it is hardly rocket science to comprehend that short-format videos promoting high-quality material and trendy noises will have more views and reach than feed videos.
Reels are the best of the prominent Instagram business features since it supports the ability of two separate brands to work together on a single post. Reels can be co-posted by users, brands, or influencers using Instagram’s Collab function. Collaboration is available for both Reels and Feed postings. Although Reels are more discoverable you can use Infzy to acquire new audiences.

Gift Cards

Brands can grab followers and improve sales by adding gift card stickers to their stories. Your followers can also reshare your stories on their stories to create exposure. Anyone with a business or creator account can access this feature.

New To The Market

1. Instagram Reels Template

Instagram is taking its commitment to assisting users in creating Reels very seriously. Presenting pre-built Reels templates that anyone can use to create a Reel quickly drives the audience toward Instagram. If you don’t know how to use the Reels feature, this is a fantastic method to encourage others and assist them in making their own. The use of Reels Templates is quite simple. To construct the Reel, click use template and create your magic.

2. Partnership Inbox

The days of passing up possibilities because of a full inbox are long gone. With partnership messages, businesses and creators can quickly locate and manage all communications in one place.
The Direct Messages tab has a subfolder called Partnership messages. Finding and managing partnerships for branded content is now simpler than ever because these messages bypass the request folder and are given priority placement.

3. Auto Story Caption

The new caption sticker is a game-changer if you seldom watch Instagram stories with audio. With this function, viewers can watch videos without sound by having what is spoken in the video automatically converted into text. For some users, Instagram Reels also offers this feature. As a result, viewers with or without sound can now view your videos. Additionally, this function makes Instagram material significantly more accessible.

Wrap Up

One of the most welcomed social media networks worldwide is Instagram. The platform isn’t simply expanding; it’s also changing according to the generation. Your social media marketing approach should develop to use these new features so it only makes sense.